Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big Green Egg BBQ Ribs - the path to success

After some experimenting with parameters we have found what works for us with the ribs.

After some experimenting with parameters we have found what works for us with the ribs.

1. Rinse the ribs in cool water, remove any bone bits and membrane from the back side.

2. Soak smoke chips (Mesquite works for us), start the Big Green Egg.

3. After temperature in the BGE has reached > 400F deg,

put smoke chips into a smoker box or just wrap them with aluminum foil and punch some holes in the foil.

Place the smoker pack right on the charcoal, install the BBQ grid and place ribs in rack on it.

This is the roasting stage, the goal is to let the ribs get a crust of a beautiful color. As soon as you like the color - the stage is complete. At 400F deg it took about 45 minutes, at higher temperature it can be much faster - keep an eye on it.

4. Spread your favorite BBQ sauce over each chunk of ribs and wrap with a piece of cooking foil.

Install ceramic "plate setter" to cut off direct heat from the charcoal, put BBQ grid over and place wrapped ribs in the rack on the grid.

Set temperature to 250F (240F...270F is fine) and leave it for 4 hours...

After that it's done!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Just started!

The main purpose of this blog is to organize my notes (or at least give it a shot) in more convenient way than I did it before. I have interests in computer hardware, Windows and Linux operating systems, programming languages, mechanical design, web design and related development tools, and in some other fields.

I find solutions for most of the problems I face on the Internet, but saving bookmarks only is quite risky since tomorrow some of them may not work. That makes me look for a personal place which I can rely on to keep the info. Many notes require pictures along with the text. Keeping the notes in order also requires having a multi-level hierarchical structure and tags. I need access to the info from the Internet. It should be inexpensive (free ;)), easy to setup and maintain. Etc, etc, etc... All of that seriously limits the chances to find an existent solution for the problem.

Until now I have tried some different ways:

Yahoo bookmarks (pretty convenient, by the way), but it’s just a bookmark storage;

Yahoo notepad – no pictures, one level folder structure, no tags;

Google notepad is the same – no pictures, one level folder structure, and no tags either;

I’m still considering Wiki-like storage, it seems to be the best approach, but I need to study setting up, maintenance and hosting options deeper.

Using a blog for these purposes has certain advantages over other ways mentioned above, and I can try it relatively quickly. While I’m going to make the notes for myself it would be great if anyone else finds them helpful too and even suggests another solution for a problem - comments are welcome!

Let’s see – may be "some day we'll have the laugh on the stupid eighth chair"...