Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Big Green Egg BBQ Pork Steak - The Quick аnd The Easy

Pork steak is not the top kind of a steak dish, but still is pretty delicious, quick and easy to cook.
Pork steak is not the top kind of a steak dish, but still is pretty delicious, quick and easy to cook.

  1. Salt and season the pork chops. If you like, marinade the pork in 1% vinegar solution (roughly 1 part of 5% table vinegar + 4 parts of water) interlaced with onion rounds, or any other marinade of your preference, but it is not really necessary.

  2. For this dish high cooking temperature is required. For the best result first it is necessary to clean up BGE from ash and small pieces of charcoal which could block free air flow through the area of burning, load only relatively big pieces of charcoal, then start Big Green Egg.

  3. Keep bottom vent about 3" open and top one half open to support strong burning. Let temperature reach up to about 600F.

  4. If desired, smoke chips soaked in water in advance can be thrown right over charcoal. This addition can drop temperature significantly down, so be careful not to over cool the BGE, add small quantity of the chips, let temperature get back to the high level again... or just don't add the chips. Adjust air vents to the position of stable temperature (low vent with 2" opening, top one with big circular cover closed and small holes all open). Put pork chunks on the BBQ grid and close the BGE cover. I have the medium size BGE, and there is not enough room for all 8 pork steaks I had that time, so I divided them into two batch of 4 steaks each.

  5. Depending on temperature it can take just a few minutes to have the pork done, so do not leave the BGE unattended. You can use a thermometer for better control how the cooking is going on, or simply check the meat every 1-2 minutes. When one side is roasted, flip steaks on the other side. I like steaks well done, so when there is no blood leak from a small cut, I take them out on a plate.

  6. Here is the first batch of steaks - and that was The Quick.

  7. Load the second batch and repeat the step 5 - that will be The Easy.

  8. Enjoy!


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