Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mixed Windows & Linux Network - Free Remote Desktop

Having some computers with Windows and others with Linux makes remote desktop access from one computer to another slightly more complicated. Here is what I found as a working solution.

  • From Windows to Windows connection - UltraVNC. It has viewer and server, 32 and 64-bit XP and Vista compatible. It works fine with hardware and virtual Windows machines and any edition (Microsoft remote desktop is not available for the cheapest versions as Home, Basic, Premium).

  • From Windows and Linux to Linux - NoMachine NX. They offer Windows and Linux viewers for free, Linux server is free as well. I used NX viewers and servers on hardware and virtual Linux boxes with KDE, on Debian and Ubuntu all work very good.

  • From Linux to Windows - I found Remote Desktop Connection (krdc) already installed on Mepis 8.0 and used UltraVNC server on Windows side. In krdc connection request: vnc:/IPAddress:0

VNC and SSH protocols should be enabled in firewalls on both server and client/viewer sides.


Brain Miller said...

You could go for multi-platform supportive solutions such as RHUB remote desktop, which support all the latest versions of Windows including Windows 7, Linux, Unix and iPhone. This solution is not free though.

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