Monday, February 8, 2010

Agilent U1251A/U1252A/U1253A DMMs - Connect To Computer

Similarly to Fluke 189/289 DMMs
Agilent U1251A/U1252A/U1253A DMMs can be connected to a computer too. The Agilent DMMs need IR-USB U1173A cable for that.

Check U1251A/U1252A User’s and Service Guide for details. The same as with Fluke DMMs connection to the Agilent DMMs is represented as a COM port on system level:

Agilent provides its own software, Agilent GUI Datalogger, for measurement automation which is very convenient. However it is not a big deal to write a custom code for the Agilent DMMs if there is a necessity, for instance, to control some different devices from one program. Here is a screen shot of Agilent GUI Datalogger with the list of commands and the connection parameters:

Identification command "*IDN?" allows to find automatically the COM port assigned to the DMM, command "READ?" returns a measured value:


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